August 2022

Big changes are made up of many little acts - like the small bites, small efforts and small ideas that inspire positive impacts for the world, every day.

Sharing the vision for Sustainable Living, Mox is joining hands with Taikoo Place to bring a curation of food and experiences that are good for people, better for the planet and great for you at Tong Chong Street Market (TCSM) through a lineup of like-minded partners. Highlights in August including The Soulroom – Hong Kong’s first astrology and tarot-reading themed café serving a range of specialty coffee and indulgent delicacies to awaken your senses and heal your soul. Vego Coffee features vegan menu of all-time favourite dishes, desserts and drinks to inspire everyone to the healthy goodness of plant-based diet. CARBS is famed for their deep-dish style square pizza and a variety of feel-good food. While the French-inspired fare Moon.Yuet would feature different fine bread, pasties and butter fused with locally-produced, innately Hong Kong ingredients. ohm... continues to offer an array of cocktail-inspired drinks and food combos fused with the lively vibes of Sham Shui Po. Lastly, don't forget to explore the aromatic candles and scented products proudly crafted with sustainability at heart by BeCandle. Enjoy market-exclusive offers up to 20% off when you pay with Mox Card.

Utensils rental service is available.

Bring your own cup as usual