Jan & Feb 2022

Special Arrangement In light of the latest COVID-19 situation and given the latest measures as implemented by the Government, to safeguard the health of all participants and visitors, Tong Chong Street Market will be suspended until further notice.


Start the new year afresh with pure wholesomeness from what Tong Chong Street Market has to offer now until February. A refreshing line up including Emmer Pizzeria, Matchali, Mak Mak, Bad Ass Coffee, APT Coffee and Fineprint, serving vegan coffees, matcha-based drinks, and nosh-up with Brussels sprouts pizza and more. You are also welcome to enter the mobile truck of Nourish for an exquisite clean beauty products shopping experience.


Enjoy a FREE hand massage service from Nourish / get the $50 F&B voucher

Utensils rental service is available.

Please put the utensils borrowing and bring your own cup as usual